How Many Great White Sharks Are Left?


Scientists know that great white sharks are endangered. However, it's uncertain how many are left. Some people believe that only a few thousand are left, but this may not be true. You can find more information here:
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Great White Shark
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Chondrichthyes Order: Lamniformes Family: Lamnidae Genus: Carcharodon Species: Carcharodon carcharias
This infamous shark is renowned as the most voracious predator of the seas and has a man-eater reputation. The powerful, cartilaginous body (as opposed to the bone skeleton of other vertebrates) is streamlined for efficient movement... More »
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There are no accurate population numbers available for great white sharks, although they are considered an endangered species. Did you know that there are between 350-370 different
there are roughly 3,500 great whites left, now becoming more endangerd than tiger sharks.
1. Visit the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coastlines of the United States as well as the coasts of Australia, Japan and South Africa for your best chance of spotting a Great White.
KILLER WHALES / Orca eat great whites They are at the top of the food chain
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Great white sharks seem to be more endangered than tigers, with just a few thousand left in the oceans across the world. Scientists agree that their numbers are ...
There are thousands of sharks which are killed each year, but there is not an exact number of how many Great White sharks are killed annually. Sharks are often ...
The great white shark is a large fish and a ferocious predator that roams in the ocean in constant search for food. The preys of the great white shark are man, ...
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