How many guitar hero games are there?


There is Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero V, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. There is also Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Metallica, Van Halen, Encore Rocks the 80's, Smash Hits, Band Hero, DJ Hero, DJ Hero II, Guitar Hero: On Tour, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits. Then there are 4 more Guitar Heros released for mobile phones. There are also three more that play on other consoles including the arcade. Counting all there are 24 Guitar Hero games (that includes the two DJ Hero).
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guitar hero. guitar hero 2. guitar hero rock the 80's. guitar hero 3. guitar hero aerosmith. guitar hero world tour. guitar hero mettalica. guitar hero 5. guitar hero van halen. dj
There are seven: Guitar Hero 1,2, and 3, On Tour, Aerosmith, Encore Rocks the
1. Find the game by entering "guitar hero flash game" in the search bar at and clicking on Search. Then click on the game link that appears to
there's guitar hero 1,2 rocks of the eighties, 3, aerosmith, and world tour. Theres a guitar hero for the ds, but i don't remember what it was called. Then, i noticed(but i don't
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