How Many Guns are Sold Each Year?


There is no way to track the all the guns sold in the world, but the FBI estimate that there are about 4.5 million legal guns sold in the USA each year. The average gun owner has 4 guns. You can find more info at:
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BATFE has that information.
Each day, minimum 100 new computers are sold. Computers are being used in every field hence demand is more. So they are becoming popular.
About 2 to 3 million new and used handguns are sold each year in the
Probably hundreds of thousands. I work for a group buying website here in Dubai that competes directly with Groupon and we have a couple of counters at the bottom of our pages indicating
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It is estimated that over five million guns are sold each year in the United States. However, due to the popularity with gun shows, an exact number of guns sold ...
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has no way of knowing how many guns and other illegal weapons are sold in the United States without detection. Most ...
There is no exact numbers of how many guns are being sold each year, because almost all countries are producing their own line of firearms and they sold it all ...
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