How Many Hamburgers Are Consumed Each Year?


As of December 2012, the average number of hamburgers eaten per year is fourteen (14) billion in the United States alone. An American can eat an average of 100 hamburgers per year. There is no exact information available on the number of burgers eaten worldwide.
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McDonald's sells approximately 4.2 million hamburgers a day in the United
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McDonald's serves an average 6,480,000 hamburgers every day. This translates to 23,652,000,000 hamburgers per year. 75 McDonald's hamburgers are sold every second ...
Americans are known to eat about 13 billion hamburgers each year. Due to the high content of fat in the hamburgers they bring some negative effects like heart ...
One American can eat 1/4 of a hamburger every day. The average American eats three hamburgers a week, a collective effort that puts paid to 40 billion burgers ...
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