How Many Hearts Do Earthworms Have?


Earthworms have a total of 5 hearts in their little bodies. They do not have lungs and breathe through their skin. They also do not have any bones.
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Well, believe it or not, an Earthworm does not even have a heart to count! They have something similar to a heart, that is called an aortic arch. They have five of these!
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The heart and calciferous gland section makes up less than five percent of an earthworm's total body length, no matter how big the individual worm gets. The aortic arches (hearts)
The heart (or aortic arches) can be found over the esophagus (just posterior
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An earthworm does not have any hearts at all, not even lungs. They have an organ, which performs the duties of a heart, called the aortic arch. The earthworm has ...
Earthworms do not have an actual heart, just an organ that it smililar to a heart that everyone just calls a heart but is really called an aortic arch. They have ...
The parts that serve as hearts for the earthworm circulatory system are dorso sub neural vessels, five hearts and ventral vessels. Earthworms like any other creature ...
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