How many hearts does an earthworm have?


The earthworm does not have a heart. The organ in an earthworm that acts as a heart is called the aortic arch. An earthworm has five aortic arches.

No matter how big an earthworm gets, the total mass of the aortic arches does not become greater than 5 percent of its body. The aortic arches along with the dorsal blood vessel move blood around the earthworm's body. The earthworm needs all five aortic arches to achieve sufficient blood flow. Unlike mammals, earthworms do not have lungs to pass oxygen into the bloodstream. Instead, earthworms absorb oxygen through their skin into the their blood vessels.

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The heart and calciferous gland section makes up less than five percent of an earthworm's total body length, no matter how big the individual worm gets. The aortic arches (hearts)
The heart (or aortic arches) can be found over the esophagus (just posterior
an earthworm doesnt have a heart as such. It has five thick arches that function like a heart. its like a large tube with rings around it these get squeezed together in a chain thus
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How Many Hearts Does an Earthworm Have?
An earthworm does not have any heart at all. But they do have an organ that acts similar to a heart and is usually called a heart just for simplicity's sake, although it is also called an aortic arch. Earthworms have five of these arches. In between each... More »
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An earthworm does not have any hearts at all, not even lungs. They have an organ, which performs the duties of a heart, called the aortic arch. The earthworm has ...
Earthworms have a total of 5 hearts in their little bodies. They do not have lungs and breathe through their skin. They also do not have any bones. ...
The function of the heart in an earthworm are: The heart helps pump blood around the body of the earthworm in a similar way to animals that have only one multi-chambered ...
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