How Many Hearts Does an Octopus Have?


Octopus are an unusual amphibian. They have two sets of eyes, four arms and three hearts. Two of the hearts pump blood to the gills and the third heart pumps blood through the body. You can find more information here:
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Octopuses have three hearts--two to pump blood through the gills and one to pump blood through the rest of the body.
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The octopus has three hearts and each heart has their own purpose. They help with respiratory, circulatory and the impressive system for the octopus.
An octopus has 2 hearts but a squid has 3.
Octopuses actually have three hearts. Two pump blood through each of the
Hello prudhvi27...hmm i will try to answer your question. As I know the octopus has 3 hearts. Rather strange thing, if we consider that most living creatures got only one. Best regards
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The octopus which is a mollusc, related to snails, mussels and clams has three hearts. It has one of the most developed circulatory systems of animals outside ...
The mollusc called an octopus has three hearts. The word 'octopus' means 'eight arms' and the arms are covered with several hundred suckers. It has one of the ...
The octopus is an invertebrate, it has no bones, although it does have a beak. ...
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