How Many Hearts Does an Octopus Have?


Octopus are an unusual amphibian. They have two sets of eyes, four arms and three hearts. Two of the hearts pump blood to the gills and the third heart pumps blood through the body. You can find more information here:
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Octopuses have three hearts--two to pump blood through the gills and one to pump blood through the rest of the body.
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The octopus is well known for having a multitude of parts, notably eight arms and three hearts, but just like humans, they only have two eyes. Although their ...
The octopus has only one brain. It is believed to be the most intelligent invertebrates, though their intelligence is debated among biologists. ...
An octopus has eight legs, but they are more commonly referred to as tentacles. The name "octopus" is directly derived from the prefix "oct-" ...
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