How Many Holes Do Women Have?


Women have 3 holes. The hole in the front is the urethra, which is where urine comes out. The hole in the back is the anus, which is where feces comes out. The hole in the middle is the vagina and this is where the penis is inserted during intercourse. It is also where menstruation blood comes out of and where babies come out.
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One leads from the bowels, one leads from the bladder and one leads from the uterus !
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I suppose the actual opening would be anatomically called the urinary meatus; the tube extending from the bladder to that opening is called the urethra. Source(s) Im almost done with
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Women actually have three holes in their body. The hole in which a woman urinates is known as the urethra and then there is the vagina, which is the birth canal. The third hole is the anus.
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