How Many Holes Does Spongebob Have?


Sponge bob does not have a definite number of holes, he just has many holes appearing all around his body.
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The color of spongebobs feet is throwup brown DUH!
SpongeBob SquarePants has holes that are a grayish, green color.
Spongebob Squarepants has 11 visible holes on the picture I found. That doesn't include the ones on his back or under his pants. Ask us again!
I actually counted. It's 40. They show all sides of him without clothes in the episode "All That Glitters. Here's the breakdown: 12 (front) 9 (back) 5 (left side) 5 (right side
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Sponge bob has between 7-10 holes depending on what is happening in an episode. ...
All you have to do is draw a square with a face, legs and arms. But you can't forget to add holes since he is a sponge. ...
Sponge Bob Square Pants is an animated television series broadcast on Nickelodeon, an American cable network. The series premiered on May 1, 1999 and is currently ...
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