How many Holocaust survivors are alive today?


They are about 350,000 survivors of the holocaust that are still alive today. Most of them suffer from physical and mental disabilities, and genetic mutations.
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There are 350,000 survivors of the Holocaust alive today.
The total number of survivors of the World War II holocaust, Jewish or otherwise, may never be known, as many survivors went into seclusion or did not wish to discuss the tragedy,
According to the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, about 167,000 are still alive today and most are over
I don't know if there is a count left for the actual survivors, but there are approximately 250,000 children of survivors living in America and approximately 300,000 children of survivors
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There are 350,000 Holocaust survivors that alive today. Many of the survivors are in their sixties and seventies. Many of them live in the United States and Europe.
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