How many Holocaust survivors are alive today?


They are about 350,000 survivors of the holocaust that are still alive today. Most of them suffer from physical and mental disabilities, and genetic mutations.
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There are 350000 survivors of the Holocaust alive today. Many
There are no such numbers, possibly about 200,000 dwindling fast. I survived as a teenager in hiding in Belgium . But would have been exterminated at Sobibor if I had not been whisked
350000. _ Where does that very high figure come from? If you look at the answer for the question, `How many Holocaust survivors? you will see where the figure came from. You also
According to the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, about 167,000 are still alive today and most are over
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There are 350,000 Holocaust survivors that alive today. Many of the survivors are in their sixties and seventies. Many of them live in the United States and Europe.
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