How Many Homes Does Oprah Winfrey Own?


American philanthropist Oprah Winfrey best known for her talk show that is named after her is also an actress and producer. The fifty eight year old has six homes including a 42 acre Estate called 'The Promised Land in Montecito, California where she lives. The other homes are an apartment in Chicago, an estate in Miami, a house in Lavallette, New Jersey, and a ski house in Telluride, Colorado.
Q&A Related to "How Many Homes Does Oprah Winfrey Own?"
doesnt matter but i think maybe 1 for each state.
tens, maybe hundreds, of millions.the show is popular around the world.
Shaquille O'Neal has 3 homes currently, one in Phoenix, AZ, is worth about
I would like to know: Since when is it a crime to be rich in this country? Owning 7 properties (not mansions) is not elitist.
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