How Many Homes Were Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina?


There were 275,000 homes which were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina was a devastating hurricane which occurred in 2005 and did an estimated 81 billion dollars of damage. This storm took the lives of 1,833 people and was the deadliest US hurricane since 1928. Hurricane Katrina was classified as a category five hurricane and produced winds of 175 miles an hour. The hardest hit area from this storm was the city of New Orleans, Louisiana due to the levee which failed.
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According to a report given at Building Online (see related links) The American Redcross estimated approximately 275,000 were destroyed in Louisiana, 65,000 in Mississippi and Alabama
Too many to really know the correct number. Just here in New Orleans, in the worst hit neighborhoods, there is nothing left, no homes, no businesses, no corner stores, no nothing.
There is no exact number count of how many documents were
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Hurricane Katrina was responsible for destroying at least 250,000 homes. Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and was the most deadly and damaging of the 2005 Hurricane ...
During Hurricane Katrina, beachfront towns in Mississippi and Louisiana were destroyed, millions of people were displaced and almost 1,800 people were killed. ...
Hurricane Katrina is an Atlantic storm that hit various states of the Unites States in 2005.It was reported that it was one of the 6 strongest hurricanes in the ...
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