How many hours a week does a psychologist work?


While hours among psychologists employed in different fields can vary greatly, the American Psychological Association Research Office reports that the average psychologist works 35 hours per week. Psychologists work in many environments, including clinics, universities, businesses and private offices.

Psychologists employed by businesses and universities often work regular daytime hours, although those in academia sometimes teach weekend and evening classes. Those employed at the university level may also have to spend time on administrative duties in addition to teaching classes and performing research. Psychologists who run their own private practices must often work evenings and weekends to better accommodate clients. Psychologists' hourly wages can vary greatly, from around $20 per hour on the low end to over $60 per hour on the high end.

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Self-employed clinical psychologists are the highest paid of all psychologists, averaging $55,000 to more than $100,000 annually on a national basis, according to Pay Scale. This
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