How Many Hours Does It Take to Get from Bogalusa Louisiana to Mobile Alabama Driving?


The trip from Bogalusa, Louisiana to Mobile, Alabama will take two hours and 28 minutes and cover 136 miles via MS-26 East and I-10 East. Via I-10 alone, it is a 155 mile trip.
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The driving distance from New Orleans Louisiana to Mobile Alabama is 144.07 miles (231.86 kilometers)
Hammond, Louisiana is
Based on 60 mph, it would take 10 hours 26 mins (664 mi) to drive from Mobile, AL to San Antonio, TX! We love road trips!
7hrs needed, Distance between Mobile, Alabama, United States and Lumberton, Texas, United States, as the crow flies: 366 miles (589 km). Anonymous
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If you are driving from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Mobile, Alabama, the trip will take approximately 3 hours and 7 minutes and the distance would be about 201 miles ...
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