How Many Hours Per Week can a Minor Work?


If it is during a school year a minor can only work 25 hours a week and it cannot be pass 9 or 10pm depending on what state you are in. However, in summer months a minor can work 40 hours a week.
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Well that all depends on what state you live in. However, in Pa minors cannot work more then 20-25 hours a week during school season. However, in the summer they can work up to 40
30 hours in a week during school for 16 and 17. 18 hours in a week for 14 and 15 during school. out of school, 40 hours a week for both age groups.
14-15 year olds may work 18 hours during
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Virtual schools in Ohio are an extension of public schools. This means that on a school day a minor can not work more than 3 hours a day or more than 18 hours ...
The number of hours a minor can work varies slightly. During a school day, a minor can legally only work three hours for a total of eighteen hours each week. On ...
How many hours a week a minor is allowed to work depends on things like what state they're in, how old they are, and whether it's during the school year. Minors ...
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