How Many Households in the United States?


So maybe you are working on a research paper or a marketing plan. You need to determine your customer base and you're thinking big, I mean really big! So how many households are in the United States. We have this great entity called the US government. They track everything that they can possibly get their hands on. For statistical information on population, such as how many households and other information of that nature, you can check with the US Census Bureau. They have a wealth of information on their website not only for the US as a whole but individual states, cities and counties also. You can find out more information here:
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The continental United States, is considered the 48 U.S. states, that are found in North America. Hawaii and Alaska are not part of this section.
There are approximately 112,363 households in the United States.
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There are actually 43,021,000 number of households owning dogs as pets which makes 37.2% and 37,460,000 number of households owning cats which covers 32.4%. ...
It is projected that in 2010, there will be approximately 115 million households in the United States. Of those, 78 million will be family households. The percentage ...
Don't want to wait for the 2010 census? That's o.k. As of the 2000 census there were 105,480,101 households in the U.S. At that time approximately 66.2% of the ...
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