How Many Ice Ages Have There Been?


As far as everyone know's there have been about four Ice Ages. The most recent one was about four million years ago. The longest one was about one billion and 500 million years ago.
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Geologists claim that there have been 5 major ice ages. Ice ages are said
".. layers of solid then ice then solid then ice etc" -- where were they drilling? Anyway, there have been 5 ice ages: (1) Huronian, around 2.7 to 2.3 billion years ago
There are many different schools of thought on whether there have been many ice ages. One theory is that a mega ice age a bout a billion years ago covered the entire planet and its
I Am Preety Sure Its 4.
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The Holocene epoch is the most recent epoch in Earth's history, beginning when the Pleistocene ice age ended, 11,500 to 12,000 years ago. Historians also call ...
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