How Many Illegal Aliens are Deported Each Year?


There are so many illegal aliens coming over to the United States every year. A study in 2005 showed that 200,000 illegal aliens crossed over the U.S border.
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The United States normally only deports criminal aliens. The count in 2010 for 9 months of the year was 137,000 people. They claim that this is 60 percent more than before. There are approximately 12 million people that they could deport.
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You can report an illegal alien to the immigration department. After that, it would be a waiting game as it is put into the hands of the government.
only three but there will be more as soon as they come an invade our nations!
Currently, the US Border Patrol has the power to deport illegal aliens.
dont pay attention to the spineless people trying to use your question to attack you. do whatever you can legally to get them out of the country. we have to make a stand here for
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