How Many Immigrants Cross the Border Each Year?


Available figures on how many immigrants cross the border each year are limited to how many illegal immigrants cross the Mexico/United States border each year. The numbers have dropped drastically since 2004. In 2011, Border Patrol apprehended 129,118 illegal immigrants, down from 589,831 in 2004.
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About 3 million
More than 4000 illegal aliens walk across just the Mexico/
There's no way to tell. I mean, they ARE ninjas.
The UK is seen by immigrants as the 'land of milk and honey' - and thats why they 'flock here' in there 1000's - All other EU countires have 'restrictions' on the amount of 'benifits
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The number of people crossing the border each ranges between 400.000 and 1.56 million people that is only across the Mexican border; some legally and some illegally ...
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