How Many Inches Is Double Spacing?


There are 72 points to an inch, and the most commonly used font size is 12 pt, which results in a font only 1/6' tall. Thirty-six point fonts will equal 1/2' in height. Double spacing allows for additional white space above the actual font lettering, so the font runs 220 to 270% of the size of a specific font type. A 12 pt Times New Roman font, e.g., will result in lines spaced between 27.6 and 28.8 points apart - or less than 1/2 inch.
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It depends on the size of the font. Why are you asking this question under Astronomy and Space?
1. Open the document in Microsoft Word that you want to double space. Select, or highlight, all of the text. 2. Right click your mouse and choose "Format". 3. Select "
1 Set your line spacing before you start. If you want to create a whole document with one standard line spacing, set the spacing before you begin to save time later. If you have nothing
about 23 lines, for size 12 Times New Roman font.
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