How Many Indian Rupees Equal One Us Dollar?


The Indian Rupee usually hovers from 47 to 44 Rupees against 1 U.S. Dollar since the beginning of 2010. As of November 11, 2010, the current exchange rate is 45.39 against 1 US dollar.
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Hi, The conversion rate is. 1 USD = 48.1153 INR as on June 29th, 2009. The latest conversion rate can be found out from
There are .0254 U.S. Dollars in 1.00 Indian Rupee, so there are 32.8704 Rupees
It keeps on fluctuating. Currently it is nearly 46 rupees.
1 US Dollar is equivalent to 12.0288 Mexican pesos or 43.34 Philippine pesos.
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61.5 Indian Rupees (INR) is equal to 1 US Dollar
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