How Many Indian Rupees Equal One Us Dollar?


The Indian Rupee usually hovers from 47 to 44 Rupees against 1 U.S. Dollar since the beginning of 2010. As of November 11, 2010, the current exchange rate is 45.39 against 1 US dollar.
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One United States dollar is equivalent to 50.525 Indian Rupees. Is
As of 20th June 2009, $1 = 48.03 Indian Rupees. at the current rate of exchange 1 US dollar (USD) = 47.1099 Indian rupee (INR) One rupees is equal to . 47.7133 US dollar as of May
It keeps on fluctuating. Currently it is nearly 46 rupees.
20 million rupees is equal to 411095.46 US dollars. ChaCha
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60.105 Indian Rupees (INR) is equal to 1 US Dollar
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