How Many Innings in MLB for a Complete Game Due to Rain Delay?

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Major League Baseball
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Once 5 full innings have been played, a
Yes the team winning at the time wins the game. The above answer is not completely correct. According to the. Official Baseball Rules, 4.11(d) "If the game is called while an
Lol where do people get 6 from??? if the home team is winning, its 4 and a half, if not 5...the orioles and yankees game was suspended only because the yankees took the lead in the
5 innings are required.
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A baseball game in the MLB can be declared an official game due to rain. There are few conditions for this to occur. First, the game must be completed with at least the fifth inning, or completed with the top of the fifth inning if the home team is winning, to be declared an official game and for the game to conclude. Second, there must be a certain amount of time that the umpires allow before declaring the game official. The time allowed for a rain delay can be anywhere from two to four hours. If both conditions are met, then the game can be declared over and official.
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