How Many Jello Shots Does One Package Make?


One package of jello typically makes about 15 shots. However this will vary depending on how much alcohol or other ingredients you add. It could also depend on the size of the shots you make.
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Want to know how to make Jello shots? They aren't just for college students and make for a playful party novelty, especially for summertime gatherings. The traditional Jello shot
Bring water to a boil, stir in Jello until completely dissolved. Add 2 cups of vodka, stir. Line up individual disposable cups on a cookie sheet, then pour Jello mixture into the
aprox 28 one once shots. *I get 19 per small box of jello. I really wanted to know the official answer to this question. Had to do it myself to find out. Based on (1) 3 oz box of
Electric Jello is an awesome choice! Mix Jell-O as you
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