How Many Jobs Are There in the World?


According to statistics, there are 2 million computer jobs that start with H in the world. There are 6 Billion people in the world and it is said 4 fifths of this population are working. Therefore, there are approximately 4.8 billion jobs in the world.
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I belive there is well over 10 million diffrent jobs available in america alone. you wont be finding high paying jobs at the moment due to the economy but there are still alot of
There are many jobs in the world.But we can't count that jobs. We can count one. That is which jobs be interesting to us. That we interesting.The main answer is it.
Walt Disney World is one of the largest employers in Florida. Every year, it hires extra cast members, as Disney calls its employees, to help staff the parks, hotels and stores for
I'm assuming that agricultural populations dwarf the rest of the population by numerous orders of magnitude. The UN Food and Agricultural Organization ( estimates
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