How Many Jobs Does the Tobacco Industry Create?


The Tobacco Industry states that they create 414,000 direct jobs. They also state another 296,000 jobs from distributors and other allied work.
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As of Jan 2011, around 5000 people work in the tobacco industry in UK. These people actually manufacture the tobacco. Whereas, around 80,000 people have jobs that depend on the tobacco
This question involves looking at what analysts call the "mega-trends." Two of the biggest trends right now are: Health and Wellness - With the retirement of the baby boomers
There were many jobs created during the industrial revolution. 1. Match Girl: Girls would have to stand around all day cutting wood and putting the ends on to make matches. This may
The tobacco industry produces 36,000 jobs. That is a big employer.
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How many jobs does the tobacco industry provide depends on how you look at the situation. On the one hand there are those actually employed by tobacco industry ...
It is estimated that more than 100 million people around the world are involved in tobacco industry. Tobacco industry at developed countries are largely mechanized ...
The tobacco industry is very wide and employs many people. Just think of the chain from the farmer to the retailer. There are millions of people that work in this ...
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