How Many Jumping Jacks to Lose a Pound?


Referring specifically to your question, there is no exact amount of jumping jacks to help you lose one pound. They work more as a time measurement. In order to lose one pound of weight you must burn 3,500 calories. You burn about 10 calories a minute doing jumping jacks at a steady pace. Therefore if you do almost six hours worth of jumping jacks at a steady pace you could burn off a pound.
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Well you lose one calorie per one jumping jack and one pound is like 1000 calories so you would have to do at least 1000 proper jumping jacks to lose one pound.
Best I could do is Jumping rope. Jumping rope (moderate - 70 jumps per minute) 700cal / hr. But Bellydancing is 300-550 cal / hr and sounds more interesting. Source(s)
A jumping jack burns about .15 calories. You need to burn
1. Complete as many regular jumping jacks as you can in 15 to 30 seconds. Keep track of your time by watching a clock with a second hand. 2. Take a 10-second break. Do not sit during
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