How Many Justices Must Agree to Hear a Case?


The number of justices needed to approve a petition for a case to be heard depends on the state's laws. In the US Supreme Court, the rule of four is necessary for a case to be heard. This rule is prominent in most US local Supreme Courts.
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For the case to be placed on the high court's docket, four of the nine
The US Supreme Court uses the. rule of four. to determine which cases are heard; any four justices may vote. for a petition in order to grant certiorari. Individuals, litigants or
Well, at the time there are nine justices. Therefore, by a majority vote, at least five supreme court justices would need to vote to hear it. Announcing and Implementing a Decision.
Yikes! My husband is an attorney and he kept telling me that the delay probably meant that someone was writing a dissent to a decision to not take the case. Larry Lessig and all the
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