How Many Justices Must Agree to Hear a Case?


The number of justices needed to approve a petition for a case to be heard depends on the state's laws. In the US Supreme Court, the rule of four is necessary for a case to be heard. This rule is prominent in most US local Supreme Courts.
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For the case to be placed on the high court's docket, four of the nine
Answer The US Supreme Court uses the rule of four to determine which cases are heard; any four justices may agree on a petition in order to grant certiorari. Answer Here I believe
Well, at the time there are nine justices. Therefore, by a majority vote, at least five supreme court justices would need to vote to hear it. Announcing and Implementing a Decision.
Yikes! My husband is an attorney and he kept telling me that the delay probably meant that someone was writing a dissent to a decision to not take the case. Larry Lessig and all the
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Currently there are nine justices, so in a majority rules vote five out nine would have to vote in favor for a particular case to get heard. Great question. ...
In a criminal case, all jurors must agree in order to reach a verdict. In a civil case, only six out of eight jurors have to agree in order to reach a verdict. ...
When the Supreme court agree to hear a case in the U.S. Supreme court issues there are three factors. A substantial federal question must be present, the federal ...
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