How Many Kids can You Claim on Taxes?


The number of kids you can claim on taxes depends on how many kids you have. If you have 3 kids, claim 3 kids. If you have 10 kids (bless your heart), claim 10.
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In Pennsylvania and other states, your divorce settlement should name the custodial parent for your children. Children from your marriage live with the custodial parent 100 percent
Some of the things that you can claim on your taxes are moving expenses, child care costs, health care costs, interest payments, and vehicle taxes.
Then if you try to e-file, your e-file will be rejected. Because of this, there is an urban legend that the first person to file gets to claim the exemption. This is not true. If
1. Determine whether or not you qualify for the sales tax exemption. Visit your state's tax and finance department to become familiar with the qualified listing of organizations.
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