How Many Kids Did President Andrew Johnson have?


President Andrew Johnson had 5 children. Their names were Martha Johnson Patterson, Charles Johnson, Mary Johnson Stover Brown, Robert Johnson and Andrew Johnson Jr.
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Andrew Johnson was the 17th president of the US. He had six children, 3 boys
Martna, Charles, Mary, Robert, and Andrew. He had five kids.
The seventh US President was Andrew Jackson. He never fathered any children, but adopted two and acted as guardian to eight others.
John Tyler had sixteen children - six daughters and eight sons. WOW!
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Andrew Johnson had five children: Martha Johnson, Charles Johnson, Mary Johnson, Robert Johnson, Andrew Johnson Jr
Parents: Mary McDonough and Jacob Johnson
Relationship: was married to Eliza McCardle Johnson
Andrew Johnson became the 17th president of the United States after the 1865 assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Johnson was an unlikely man for the job: he had been a poor tailor in Tennessee before he entered politics. A fast learner with a flair for orat... More>> · More images »
The 17th President of the United States Andrew Johnson had five children. He was married to Eliza McCardle Johnson and they had Martha, Charles, Mary, Robert and Andrew Jr..
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