How Many Kids Did President Jimmy Carter have?


President Jimmy Carter have four kids namely John William Carter, James Earl Carter III, Donnel Jeffrey Carter, and Amy Lynn Carter. President Carter's spouse is Rosalynn Smith Carter.
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Jimmy Carter served. one four-year term. as US president, from January 20,1977 until January 20, 1981. He was succeeded by Ronald Reagan.
Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of the US, serving from 1977 - 1981. He was a 2
James "Jimmy" Earl Carter, Jr. was the 39th President of the US. He served a term from 1977-1981.
Jimmy Carter was the Thirty-Ninth President 1977-1981.
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President Jimmy Carter had four children. I personally only thought he had one, Amy, but I guess that was because she was the only one that lived in the White House. John William, James Earl, Donnel Jeffrey and Amy Lynn.
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