How Many Kids Does Stevie Wonder Have?


Steve Wonder has been in two marriages and many relationships from which he had seven children. Stevie Wonder is a 61 year old musician from the United States. He has been twice married to Syreeta and to fashion designer Kai Milla Morris.
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All in all, Stevie Wonder (Birth name Steveland Hardaway Judkins, later changed to Stevland Hardaway Morris) has seven kids from three different women. His first three kids were from
* Aisha Morris (born April,1975) (by Yolanda Simmons) * Keita Morris (by
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Children: Aisha Morris (born April,1975) (by Yolanda Simmons). Keita Morris (by Yolanda Simmons). Kwame Morris. Mumtaz Morris (by Melody McCulley). Sophia Morris. Kailand Morris (
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