How Many Kilometers Are in 5 Miles?


There are 1.6 kilometres in one mile. If you multiply 1.6 by five (for the five kilometres) you will get the answer 8.0. There are eight kilometres in five miles.
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5 miles is equal to 8.04672 kilometers.
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To convert kilometers to miles the formula is 1.6 kilometers = 1.0 mile ----5 divided by 1.6=3.125 miles.
There are 1.609344 kilometers in one mile. Therefore to get amount of miles in kilometers, value of miles has to be multiplies by amount of kilometers in one mile: 5 miles = 5 * 1.609344
5 kilometers is equal to 3.10685596 miles, therefore miles are longer!
1. Be aware that of the two measurements, the mile is longer. So, if you want to convert from miles to kilometers you know you'll have to multiply. 2. Determine how far you're going
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