How Many Kinds of Horses Are There?


I love horses! Currently, it is estimated that there are over 300 breeds of horses throughout the world, developed for numerous different uses.
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Paint horses were brought to the Americas in 1519 by Spanish explorers. By 1800, many of the horses joined free-running herds and became favorites among the Comanche Indians. Until
Secretariat, an American racehorse, was a Thoroughbred, a breed of horse that excels in sports (especially racing)
I thought it was so-so. I must say though that I had low expectations going into it and I would say the plot was totally predictable and the characters to me seemed rehashed versions
A Palamino. This is a color breed. According to Bill Witney, Trigger's sire was a registered Palomino; his dam was 1/2 cold blood and 1/2 Throughbred. Her sire had raced. Trigger
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