How Many Kittens in a First Litter?


Specific breed of cats may vary in the size of their first litter. However, the average size of a cat's first litter is 1 to 8.
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about 2 -3 in average.
Start your kitten out with just a small area to play and explore. Put a litter box in with your kitten so they are sure to find it. Once a place is established your kitten should
1. Get a new relatively deep litter box with a splash cover, cat litter, (scoopable for cats over 6 months, regular for younger kittens), and a scooper. 2. Set up the box in a quiet
1. Pick out a large litter box. Small boxes are available for tiny kittens, but they grow up so fast that you'll have to replace it before too long. When you replace a litter box
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The average litter for a cat is between three and five kittens. While there's no limit to how many kittens a cat will have in the first litter, it's usually the smallest litter a cat will ever have.
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