How Many Kittens in a First Litter?


Specific breed of cats may vary in the size of their first litter. However, the average size of a cat's first litter is 1 to 8.
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The first litter is usually the smallest at about three to five kittens. Female cats can have two to three litters per year. 80% of household cats are spayed.
Cats usually have 2-4 kittens. First litters can be 1-4.
Typically the cat's first litter will average 3 kittens. The
1. Provide two shallow litter boxes that your kitten can jump into without struggling, suggests Pet Education website. Your kitten may choose to urinate in one box and defecate in
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The average litter for a cat is between three and five kittens. While there's no limit to how many kittens a cat will have in the first litter, it's usually the smallest litter a cat will ever have.
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