How Many Knights Sat at the Roundtable?


King Arthur’s Knights were so called because they sat round a large circular table which gave precedence to none except to the king who sat on a dais, above the Round Table. The Vulgate Cycle says that there were 250 knights who sat round the table.
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Different stories had different numbers of knights, ranging from 12 to 150 or
There were twelve Knights of the Round Table. A few of the knights were Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Gareth, Sir Galahad, Sir Kay, and Sir Tristan. You can find more information
8 knights were at the round table.
This is not explained exactly in the medieval tales. A knight is usually just said to be chosen, after he has performed great feats, or after he comes to court having been defeated
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The round table was not only a physical table but the highest order of Chivalry at the Court of King Arthur. 24 knights were reputed to be at King Arthur's round ...
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