How many lakhs does it take to make a million?


It takes 10 lakhs to make a million. The South Asian numbering system uses the term "lakh" or "lac" to denote the number 100,000.

In the Indian numbering system, a lakh is written as 1,00,000 because the South Asian numbering system uses separators differently from the Arabic numbering system. The lakh is used in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The lakh is also used in Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan English.

The South Asian numbering system also includes the crore (10 million), the Arab (1 billion), the kharab (100 billion), the neel (10 trillion) and the padm (1 quadrillion).

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10 Lakhs= 1 Million. 1 Crore = 10 Millions. 100 Crores = 1 Billion = 1000 Millions.
One billion is equal to one thousand million. Bill Gates is ranked #1 on the list of the world's billionaires. He is worth 40 billion dollars.
10 lacs = 1 million
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