How Many Languages Does Canada Speak?


Canada is also home to many indigenous languages. English and French are recognized by the Constitution of Canada as 'official languages.'
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The official languages of Canada are English and French. Most of Canada speaks English with the exception of Quebec, which favors its own dialect of French.
It allows ANY language,mostly english and i guess french.
The official languages of Canada are primarily English but also French. There
1. Purchase a Turkish-English dictionary or seek one out online, and make flashcards of common words to begin building a vocabulary. Focus on words needed to get by on a day-to-day
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While a plethora of different languages are spoken in Canada, the two official languages of the country are English and French. By law, all signs, placards, directions ...
There is one and official language in Canada and that is the English language. This is the worlds most spoken language. Over 2 million of people speak English. ...
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