How Many Laps around a Gym Equal a Mile?


How many laps around a gym equal a mile will depend on the size of the gym you are talking about. A standard high school gym's basketball court is 264 feet. A mile is 5280 feet. This means that 20 laps would make one mile.
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i am saying about 18 laps well that's what my coach said.
This depends on what you are running or walking around. The standard track is a circle or oval and each lap around it is 1/4 of a mile. However, I'm sure that if you run around a
Generally it is around 10 laps depending on the size of the gym.
Total distance around a recreation center basketball court is normally 268' so it will take a little over 19 laps to complete a mile (which is 5,280 feet) report this answer. Answered
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