How Many Laps Is the Indy 500?


The Indianapolis 500 first took place in 1911 and the winner was Ray Harroun. The race was not held in 1917-18 or 1942-45. There are 200 laps in the Indy 500.
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There are 200 laps in the Indianapolis 500. They decided on 200 because of the time
There are 200 laps in the Daytona 500. The race is 500 miles long, and is a super speed way, with speeds topping 183 miles per hour. It is held in Daytona, Florida.
The Indy 500 is 200 laps. Ray Harroun won the first Indy 500 in 1911, in 6hrs, 42 mins & 8 secs.
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Indianapolis 500
Known as "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", the Indianapolis 500 is a 500-mile, 200-lap race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the Sunday before Memorial Day each year.
Ryan Hunter-Reay won the 2014 Indianapolis 500.
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