How Many Legs Does a Shrimp Have?


Shrimp have 5 pairs of legs for a total of 10 legs. There are over 2,000 species of shrimp in the world. They can be up to 9 inches in length. Predators include fish, birds, squid and more.
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They have 5 pairs of "legs" (-> 10 legs) [paraeopodes], but only use 6 of them for walking. 2 pairs have little pincers. They also have 5 pairs (-> 10 legs) of swimminglegs
Shrimp has 5 pairs of legs, which would make that 10 in total.
Shrimp have 5 pairs of jointed walking legs on the thorax, 5 pairs of swimming legs (swimmerets) & 3 pairs of maxillae (feeding appendages) on abdomen!
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Shrimp have five pairs of jointed walking legs and 5 pairs of swimming legs. They also have 3 pairs of maxillae on their abdomen which they use to feed themselves.
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