How many legs does an octopus have?


An octopus has eight legs, but they are more commonly referred to as tentacles. The name "octopus" is directly derived from the prefix "oct-" which means eight and is found in other words such as "octagon."

On each of the octopus' legs are suction cups that help the animal attach itself to surfaces. When threatened by predators, the octopus releases a stream of black ink that disrupts vision in the water and allows the octopus to flee. The octopus' squishy body allows it to hide in crevices that are unreachable by most ocean animals. If a predator happens to catch one of the octopus' legs, it can detach it and regenerate it again without any permanent damage.

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They are called arms.
The North Pacific Giant Octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini, is often cited as the largest
simonize.... is wrong, they are only referred to as tentacles on squid and cuttlefish, octopuses have arms but are commonly referred to as legs when used for culinary dishes. Their
A 3 ounce portion of cooked octopus has 25 grams of protein. That is a lot of protein in a small amount of food because it is all muscle. FYI that same 3 ounce portion has only 139
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Octopuses have eight limbs, but some prefer to use the rearmost two limbs for locomotion, while leaving the other six free for other tasks.
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An octopus has 240 suction cups (roughly) on each tentacle. An octopus also has 8 'arms' when it is fully grown. This means they have about 1,920 suction cups ...
The octopus is well known for having a multitude of parts, notably eight arms and three hearts, but just like humans, they only have two eyes. Although their ...
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