How Many Lights on 15 AMP Breaker?


The 15-amp breaker can only handle a one 1K light each, but it is advisable to only load a breaker up to 80% of its capacity. Most lights will draw 1 amp per 100 watts and on a 15-amp service with 14/2 gauge wire one should only load it up to 12 Amps maximum.
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It depends on the wattage of each bulb. Typically you only want to load your circuit to 80% of its rated capacity. Hence a 15 A circuit would be .8 x 15 Amps. Now if you had all 60
1. Run the 14/2 power-leg cable from the breaker box to the bottom of the double-switch box. Run the 14/2 switch-leg cables from each fixture to the top of the double-switch box.
A 15-amp circuit can handle a total of 1,800 watts, I would say 10
Last part first, you can not put #14 on a 20 amp breaker as it is only rated for 15 amps. To determine what can be added you will need to do an amp check of the circuit with all devices
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