How Many Liters Is a Fifth of Alcohol?


A fifth of alcohol is equal to 750 milliliters. This is equal to .75 liters. A fifth is also said to equal more than 25 individual shots of alcohol. Shots are typically measured as one ounce.
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.2 Gallons (US) into Liters Result: 0.7570823568 Liters.
A fifth of alcohol is usually referring to about 750ml. It was called a fifth as it is roughly a fifth of a gallon. Most bottles come in fifths and are known as such.
A "fifth" is one fifth of a gallon. One "fifth" is .757 liter.
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If those wanting to know how many cups in a fifth of alcohol it is approximately 750 ML. It can be approximately 26oz as well. It is very important for people ...
Fifths divide gallons into five parts. A half a gallon therefore has 2.5 fifths. Fifths usually are used for alcoholic beverages because people consume and sell ...
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