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The number of litres in a kilogram will depend on the density of the fluid in question. This means that for you to be able to convert the litre into kilogram, you should be able to know the mass per unit volume.
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The mass depends on the density of whatever substance uses that space. Mass = volume x density.
There are 1.35257 kilograms in a liter. Would you like to ask me another question?
Liter = volume. kilogram = mass. Since these are measures of different quantities, you cannot convert between them. This is like saying "How can I convert desks to grapes? Now
Hi Reilly, We're a little out of my area here, as this is really a science question, since there's more information needed. The answer here depends on the substance in question, because
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Conversion from kilograms to liters is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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The amount of litres in one kilogram depends on the density of the material. However, one litre of water is exactly one kilogram. For more information, visit: ...
At the temperature of 4¡ C, one litre of water weighs about 1.01 kilograms. The only substance on earth that has all three physical states of matter, like ...
There are 22.6796 Kilograms in 50 Pounds. This is equivalent to 22679.62 grams, 0.02 Tones, 12800 drums and 800 ounces. ...
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