How Many Litres Per Gallon in the UK?


A gallon is a unit of measurement used when computing fluid substances such as oil. One UK gallon is made up of about 4.546 litres of fluid. Other than in the UK, this unit of measurement is also commonly used in Ireland and some commonwealth countries.
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The gallon used in the UK is called the imperial gallon. It is also used in some commonwealth countries. It stopped being a legal unit of measure in the year 2000. One imperial gallon has 4.54609 litres.
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A liquid gallon is made up of 3.8 litres. However, a dry gallon is equal to 4.4 litres. So if you want to buy one of those gallon jugs of wine, I would recommend sharing it with at
One UK gallon = 4.55 litres
1. Get the performance measurement into "X" kilometers per liter of fuel. If need be, divide the number of kilometers into the number of liters to come up with this ratio.
There are 3.785411 liters per gallon. That does not seem like very much. Have a great
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The UK gallon is the British capacity measure while a litre is the basic unit of volume in the metric system. There are 4.55 litres in an imperial gallon. ...
1 UK gallon is equivalent to 4.546 litre of petrol. ...
There are 4.55 litres in the UK Gallon. An American gallon is different, and has only 3.78 litres in it. ...
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