How Many Lumens Is the Sun?


There is no exact measurement for the amount of lumens in the sun because the intensity of the light from the sun is often changing. In general, the sun is said to have about 10,000 lumens per square feet. Lumens is used to measure the amount of light emitted from something per second. Light bulbs are said to have lumens and the amount of lumens in a light bulb can vary depending on its wattage, the type of light bulb, the glass used, and the color of the bulb.
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The sun emits around 10 million lumens.
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I believe it's in the neighborhood of 4 x 10^28 Lm.
Firstly here's some basic information about photometry or the science of measurement of light. The unit lumen measures the total quantity of visible light or luminous flux emitted
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Direct sunlight is approximately 93 Lumens per watt for each unit of radiant flux. There is artificially that is brighter than this. ...
The amount of watts in a lumen depends upon the light source you are using. A standard 75 watt light bulb has 1170 lumens which when you divide 1170 by 75, you ...
Incandescent bulbs: 10 lumens per watt. Halogens: 13 lumens per watt. CFLs: 50 lumens per watt. A useful bulb to light a small room is 600 lumens, so that would ...
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