How Many Marshmallows in a Bag?


Well this depends on the brand and the size of the marshmallow's that you are buying. Typically, marshmallow bags are measured in grams without telling you the amount of single marshmallows. On average in a bag of large marshmallow's, there are around 50 marshmallows and in a bag of mini marshmallow's, there are around 200 marshmallows.
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I counted how many mini marshmallows were in a 12 oz bag and I got 571 mini marshmallows. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone who has a class project that needs a specific amount
The marshmallow count would depend on the bag size and brand. A giant
Well i kno that u need a bag-o-mallows to make rice crispie squares and the amount in a bag is 40 in a regular bag but you can get really really really big bags of marshmallows and
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