How many math credits do you need to graduate from high-school in ohio?


There is a lot people saying you need 21 credits of math to graduate in Ohio. The Ohio board is saying you need 3 units of math. It is best to call your local school and ask them what the criteria really is. From the 9th grade to the 12th grade that is 1 credit. And, you may need an algebra class too.
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Credits that are needed to graduate varies on the particular high school. Each school has their own set amount of credits you need in order to graduate . The average amount of credits
You need 21 credits to graduate high school in Ohio : hope you get them ! Best of luck to you.
1. Look into summer school programs that you can take outside of the regular school year for credits. Enroll in the summer school programs that relate to the area of study in which
A total of 20 credits are needed to
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In order to get a diploma in the state of Pennsylvania you will need four english, four math, three science, three social studies, and two foreign language credits ...
The average number of credits needed is 20. this have to be distributed between math,english,sciences etc. ...
The minimum number of credits required to graduate high school in Mason County, West Virginia is 28. You need 4 credits each of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social ...
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