How Many Members Are There of the so Solid Crew?


The So Solid crew has 30 members. The crew is an electronic and urban musical collective from South London, England, whose hits include 'Oh No (sentimental things) ' and '21 seconds', the latter reaching number one in the UK Singles Chart in August 2001.
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The So Solid crew is made up of three members namely: Mega, MC Romeo and Lisa Maffia. It is an influential British music group remembered for hits like 'Oh No' and '21 Seconds'. The ''Oh No'' reached number 1 in the UK Singles Chart in 2001.
There are 30 members of the so solid crew. The members comprise of artists, DJs and producers. The crew also has its own label.
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The correct number was 31, this is based on the official roster. The group has split up. MCs: Mac Harvey Romeo Swiss Megaman Asher D Neutrino Skat D Face Trigger Mr. Akira Kowdean
No one who has ever heard a record by acerbic pop/grime crossover queen Lady Sovereign would expect reticence to be her stock in trade. And indeed, it isn't. But in the course of
So solid Crew consist of 14 MCs, 8 Vocalists, 8 DJs, 9 Producers and 4 So Solid Kids. can'
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