How Many Meters Are in a Kilometer?


In mathematical terms, kilo will equal one thousand of something. This means that one kilometer will be equal to one thousand meters. The kilometer is often used in place of miles in many places in the United States, a kilometer would be 1.6 miles.
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One kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters.
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The prefix kilo means one thousand. So, a kilometer is equal to one thousand meters. The origin of the word kilometer is the French word kilometre, which was first used in 1810.
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There is .001 kilometer in a meter. That means there are 1000 meters in a kilometer, which might be what you really meant to ask. Kilometers are larger than meters.
1. Divide how many meters you have by 1000 to convert to kilometers. For example, if you have 350 meters, dividing by 1000 will give you 0.35 kilometers. 2. Multiply the number of
1000 m.
1 kilometre = 1000 metres so 36 km = 36*1000 m = 36000 metres. Simple!
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Kilometers and meters are both units of measure which are used to determine the length of an item or a distance. One kilometer is the equivalent of 1000 meters. ...
One kilometer is equal to one thousand meters. Therefore fifty eight million kilometers will be equal to fifty eight million multiplied by one thousand and the ...
12 kilometers (km). This is because kilo- means "a thousand". ...
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